Our worries are “Little Ones

“Jeevarathni” was a simple woman. The majority of the people in this world are simple people without any claim to fame or fortune and so was Jeevarathni. Most loving and kind, Jeevarathni left such indelible marks on the lives of all those who she came in contact with. So much so that, wherever she went, she always got referred to as “Mummy” [Mother]. She always had the desire to give, but not being financially well off,  she could give only what she had – Love, Affection and Care.

 This Foundation is a tribute to all those simple people of the World who had lofty ideals, but went through life, totally unnoticed. Yet, they are the ones who have many times touched our lives, and made deep impressions. In memory of Jeevarathni and her ilk, this Foundation hopes to serve the needy, by offering what they crave for LOVE, AFFECTION and DIGNITY.


A few like minded individuals came together, people who wondered how they could “Give something back to the Society“.

The idea took root on seeing children begging on the roads, most probably having been commandeered by touts who handled them. The idea bloomed over a period of time, till it crystallised into a question of why not build a facility to help rehabilitate such helpless children.

The enormity of this decision hit us only later when we went down to see how we could legally get such children, and it was indeed an eye opener considering the enormity of the problem. However, instead of being discouraged, this motivated us to do our bit to give something back to society. Thus was born the Jeevarathni Foundation. The Foundation was registered in February 2008 at Bangalore.


The areas we desire to work on already have solutions & other similar groups have been working towards it. Our focus is on getting these solutions to the people who need them most, by going to where the root of the problem lies. We believe focused efforts can lead to amazing results. The challenges we face are great, but so are the opportunities to improve people’s lives.


As an expression of our core values and commitment to the people we serve, and those who support us, we pursue the highest standards of accountability with regard to the management of our financial and non-financial resources, programme quality and people.

We welcome anyone to see for themselves the quality of our programmes and campuses, and make own judgementson our deliverables.


Most of us have received enough and more in this life time, and hence we wish to give something back. Driven by this philosophy, we decided to make a beginning by focusing on economically deprived children, who cannot afford the basic necessities in life.

Such children need to be given a holistic upbringing, encompassing love, affection, discipline, good education and the basic wherewithal to face life as an adult. Therefore the deprived children and the elderly, in that order, are our prime concerns.


Our aim is to build an organisation over a period of time, which can effectively tackle the extreme suffering of underprivileged young children, and help them to grow up to be responsible and contributing citizens.

We thought that this was a utopian task, but we did not let it deter us. Knowing that we needed to make a beginning somewhere, we began with a home for destitute children. And so was born our motto – Our Worries Are “Little Ones”.

We also understand that long term changes in society are possible only if we engage the local communities, and therefore we work with them to bring about sustainable development by focussing on issues of Environment, Healthcare and Education.


We believe that “to whome much is given, much is expected”. We benefited from good education, health care and great values. That is why we feel a tremendous responsibility to give back to society.

Our guiding principles reflect the purpose and beliefs about the role of philanthropy and that impact we want this foundation to have. These principles guide what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.

Whilemany of them are fundamental to the way we operate, we will remain open to amending them as grow and learn more about our work.

Our Team

Vinod Mathew

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Vinod Mathew

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Meena Prochaska

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  • The Foundation has established its first campus “ Jeevarathni “ located near Nallur village, 11 kms off Sarjapur town in Karnataka, and 9 kms from Hosur Town in Tamil Nadu
  • The campus consists of 6 homes to house 10 children in each of them. Each home will have one mother for these children, who will take care of their food, clothing, discipline and general well being, as would have been given by a natural mother.
  • These homes surround a building that houses the Administrator of the project.